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About Colette Diamond

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Colette Diamond is a trusted real estate advisor who has helped countless Nevadans and Montanans transfer property. With over 27 years of Real Estate experience, and 30 years of musical touring, she has traveled both nationally and internationally, and is capable of communicating on all levels.

What Clients Say…

"Colette is Just an awesome person. Worked exceptionally hard to ensure issues with the mortgage and title companies when they weren't communicating well during this pandemic. If it hadn't been for Colette, I would have given up on the whole process. Amazing individual who did an amazing job!!"

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55+ Buyers
There are many 55+ Communities in the Las Vegas Valley providing something for everyone. Learn more about where these communities are and the price ranges, etc.
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New Construction
Don't go it alone! You don't pay anything extra to have me represent you in the new home transaction… but you'll have an advocate on your side making sure you don't pay too much…
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